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The cypress tree family is widespread, containing over 130 species. Through DNA analysis, it has recently been determined that both the juniper and giant sequoia trees are related to the cypress family. However, when someone mentions the cypress tree, they are generally speaking of one of three main species - the Bald Cypress, the Leyland Cypress, or the Arizona Cypress. Cypress wood furniture offers many advantage and benefits over some other types of wood. It is strikingly beautiful and can be used to suit any style or taste, from rustic to traditional or modern. The rich grain of cypress, in addition to the color and texture of the wood, helps to prevent it from becoming outdated looking or out of style.

Cypress is a high-quality wood. Cypress wood furniture takes well to stains and paints, although it is also quite beautiful in its natural state. Cypress wood furniture usually contains few knots and is an ideal choice due to its lightweight, medium texture and resistance to pests. In addition to Teak, Cypress is often the wood of choice by resorts and restaurants. It is also an ideal choice because of its functionality and appearance. The Big Cypress consists of five completely different Eco-systems: Mangrove forest in the estuary, cypress swamp and strands (which are deeper areas), marl prairie, pinelands, and hardwood hammocks. Each Eco-system supports different flora and fauna within an elevation of less than fifteen feet. Sometimes only inches separate one Eco-system from another.

The Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) is a great tree for beginning bonsai enthusiasts, and is a species often found in bonsai starter kits. In parts of the southern United States it can be harvested in the wild. The Bald Cypress is a hardy, deciduous conifer admired for its elegant looks. It has feather-like green leaves, fern-like graceful branches and cinnamon-colored bark that lend it an ancient appearance when grown as a bonsai. The simplest (and easiest to clean later on) way to make your cypress table fit in with the rest of your patio is to use an outdoor paint to mask the golden color the table brings. Sealing in the color and wood with a flat outdoor paint will protect the integrity of the construction, as well as replace the natural golden color with whatever you would want. The easy way to make sure you get the longest life out of your cypress table is to seal the wood with a wood sealant, varnish, or paint. By using any of these options, you are adding another chemically-bonded agent that adds a big layer of protection to the wood of your table, adding to the natural protection cypress provides. Using one will give your table another layer of sealing, keeping everything bad out, and sealing the good wood inside Cypress has been largely transformed into a large residential development; as many home developers have constructed thousands of homes to meet the demands of the growth of the population in the area. The Berry Center is a product of the popularity and growth of the area.

If you have been in the outdoor furniture market as an educated consumer, you may be wondering why you haven't heard more about cypress tables in your research. It is my humble opinion that cypress is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. The Italian Cypress, also known as Mediterranean Cypress, is ideal as an indoor bonsai. The Italian Cypress was originally found in the Mediterranean region and it is sensitive to cold weather. When growing and caring for an Italian Cypress as a bonsai, it is necessary to bring it indoors during winter weather.

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